Hawai`i-based International Artist Residency
Six Artists Participated in Site-Specific Work In Kaka`ako

Sally and Keith (collaboratively Les Filter Feeders), were invited artists at Present Project in September 2014. An artist-in-residency that facilitates collaboration and exchange between international and local artists, Present’s aim was to provide young artists access to new working methods and perspectives.

Through a curated education component and workshop series called NEST, PRESENT built community through the development of an open participatory site-specific installation, where adults and children explored what it meant to create in Hawaiʻi within a process of international exchange. PRESENT is the concept of Hadley Nunes a Hawaiʻi-based artist, curator and Lana Lane Studios member.

The residency took place for five weeks in two 5,000 square foot warehouses on Cooke Street in Kakaʻako and included the on-site development of original work by resident artists Florence Carbonne, Swoon, Sally Lundburg, Dinorah de Jesus Rodriguez, Keith Tallett, and Bryan Welch—founder of Guilds.

Sally and Keith continued to explore working collaboratively during the residency. Link to the work they created:
Kumbaya – a large-scale mixed media installation
Local Knowledge – a text panel series.

Les Filter Feeders (2014) / photo: Willy Branlund
Keith and Sally working on their installation. / photo: Willy Branlund
Their installation, Kumbaya from outside, during on of the many events. – Materials: cut Tyvek, sewn plastic tarp, rope and sandbags.
Local Knowledge, a text panel series. (Sally Lundburg & Keith Tallett, 2014).
Kumbaya, Kia’i, and some Local Knowledge.
Kia’i working on her project in Nest / photo: Bryan Welch