Finding the Forest

Maui Arts and Cultural Center
Schaefer International Gallery
January 27 – March 30, 2013


“The forest is a refuge, resource and inspiration. The Maui Arts and Cultural Center invited accomplished artists and craftsmen from around the state to see how they would perceive and express new ideas on this theme, encouraging investigation of contemporary art-making from conservative to complex. The exhibition outcome will raise public awareness and spark dialog with traditional and non-traditional works in painting, sculpture, furniture, installation, film and poetry.” – Neida Bangerter, Exhibition Curator

Participating artists are: Tom Calhoun, Cudra Clover, Shaun Fleming, Mats Fogelvik, Ditmar Hoerl, Shingo Honda, Kirk Kurokawa, Tai Lake, Stephen U. Lang, Robert Lober, Terry Lopez, Sally Lundburg, Wilma Nakamura, Peter Naramore, Chris Reiner, Kirsten Rae Simonsen, Ricardo Vasquez, Jay Warner, Linda Whittemore and Scott Yoell

Some of the works in the show…

Finding the Forest, installation view - works by Wilma Nakamura, Cudra Clover, and Sally Lundburg
Peter Naramore - Monkeypod and Toon Bench, 50 x 36 x 26 in
Installation view – works by Chris Reiner, Sally Lundburg, Cudra Clover, Shaun Fleming, and Shingo Honda
Cudra Clover - Forest Floor, mixed media installation
Sally Lundburg - If I Were a Hurricane - video installation - koa branches, zIpties, white paint, video
Sally Lundburg - If I Were a Hurricane - video installation - koa branches, zIpties, white paint, video

Sally Lundburg – If I Were a Hurricane – video

Installation view – Scott Yoell, Sally Lundburg, Stephen U Lang, and Tom Calhoun
Stephen U Lang - Sub ter ra ne an - guava, starfruit. 16 x 13.6 x 12.75 ft
Stephen U Lang - Sub ter ra ne an - detail view
Scott Yoell - Study 1- 4 and Exacerbation, koa, particleboard, epoxy
Scott Yoell - Ideology Rot, Study 1-4, koa, particleboard, epoxy
Installation - works by Kirk Kurokawa, Ricardo Vasquez, Jay Warner, Tai Lake, and Kirsten Rae Simonsen
Kirsten Rae Simonsen - Neo-Summer Camp - mixed media on wood panel 11 x 14 in / Tom Calhoun - Uhi Nā Lala, Hui Nā Wai; The Branches Spread,The Waters Gather - ‘ahakea, ‘iliahi, kamani, koa, koai‘a, kou, lama, milo, naio, naupaka kahakai, ‘ōhi‘a
Robert Xavier Lober - Hau Thicket - charcoal and oil on canvas, 73 x 31 in
Tai Lake - It’s hard to see the forest for the needs - naio, ‘ōhi‘a, koa, cedar, coffee, mahogany, milk paint, copper, aluminum, glass, (and detail shot)
Wilma Nakamura - Offering: Growing Intentions - mixed media installation
Chris Reiner - The Incisor Debris Finder - obtainium
W.S. Merwin - poem presented as vinyl wall text

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