Calling From Canada: Scott Yoell’s “Tsunami”

Art:21 – February 7th, 2011 by Raji Sohal

“When I interview an artist for radio format, I go in hoping for interesting and honest statements about his/her work and ideas, because I know that in the editing suite, I’m going to have to be economical…. So when I sat down recently with Canadian artist, Scott Yoell, after his exhibition as part of The Contemporary Museum Biennial of Hawai’i Artists, I was delighted that he spoke candidly, from the heart, about his work. Already, Yoell’s Biennial-presented conceptual work entitled Tsunami elicits a lingering cerebral response that continues to cause you to think about it long after you’ve seen it. And an hour-long conversation with him about the work revealed even more layers of philosophical connections to the work and the artist who made it.”To read full article,  CLICK HERE.

But the in the meantime…here are some more images taken recently in Scott’s studio.

photos:Sally Lundburg

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