Tessellation (‘ili ku pono)
Mixed media wall panels.

Artist: Sally Lundburg & Keith Tallett (Les Filter Feeders) Date: 2015
Media: Archival print on habotai silk, enamel paint, powdered pigment, epoxy resin on multiple wood panel.
The shapes and forms of our “Tessellation” series reference natural and unnatural geographical zones, animal and human habitats, and fractal geometry. This was a commissioned work for Chef Lee Ann Wong for her restaurant, Hale Ohuna in O'ahu.


Les Filter Feeders (Sally Lundburg & Keith Tallett)

Keith Tallett and Sally Lundburg have shared a studio since returning home to Hawai’i in 2003 and in the last few years, began to collaborate. They now create and exhibit work both independently, as well as under the collaborative moniker Les Filter Feeders.

Natural disasters and the resulting rescue efforts are a source of inspiration for our collaborative practice, as well as the structures, language, and tools of shelter and survival. Keith is a second-generation surfboard shaper and tattoo practitioner, with formal training in printmaking and painting. Sally is a documentary filmmaker and photographer, with a studio practice more inspired by process art and DIY survivalists. Combining skills, interests and backgrounds, our projects embody a tension between natural and artificial, exploring themes of community and individualism, ecological and social invasions, and the accumulation of cultural capital.